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Community Mini-Murals
(2021 - Present)

Michelle Sasha started the Palm Harbor Palm Tree Project in Sept 2021.  Michelle wanted to find a way to meet her community and offer something to the everyone that would incite togetherness and support the arts.  By March 2022, she completed over 500 palm tree mini murals!  As her business grew, she launched ArtFluent Creatives, an art collective to mentor and expand the reach of several female artists.  With the new business, she became too busy to continue the free murals, but she now had some of her artist from ArtFluent that wanted to continue the community offerings.  

In March of 2023, Shiyenne Alora is the the artist who continued working on the Palm Harbor project.  Michelle then also helped to launch the Tarpon Springs project with her other artist, Meredith Solomon (Edith S) in May of 2023.  Now her other artist, Mena K, is now launching a project in Safety Harbor. 

Communities We Serve

Palm Harbor

Palm Trees

Tarpon Springs
 Diver Helmet

Safety Harbor


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Schedule an Appointment For Your Community Mini-Mural

The scheduling system will allow you to choose the community mural you would like, and allow you to pick an available date and time with the artist.

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