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A space where we come together to blend innovative expression with meaningful connections, joining you on your journey of self-expansion and empowerment.

What is Artfull Sessions?

Artfull Sessions are an invitation to embark on your unique journey of self-discovery through art. Our Artfluent Artist Christianna curated these sessions to offer a distinctive blend of creative exploration. Featuring an expanding array of activities, participants delve into harnessing the elements for creation, embracing self-appreciation body painting, exploring intuitive canvas art, engaging in mindfulness, guided meditations, insightful collective discussions and of course play! We will travel to our clients, or we can host a space where individuals can explore their inner selves while creating their own masterpiece.

The activities within each session are tailored to suit each space and group:

You come to our space or we come to yours.

Intimate Group Events are curated specifically for each group of individuals.Sessions at your location or ours.

  Artfull Sessions Also Offers:   

Painting Eggs

Youth Artfull Sessions

Creative journeys with our youth. Infusing art activities with explorations like mindfulness, elemental forces, nature and more.

Arts and Crafts

Team Building Artfull

Guided art session sharing each individuals unique expression, to draw inspiration from one another and foster a collective vision in the workspace.

Let Connect!

If you have any inquires or wish to join an Artfull session, please contact us.



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