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My name is Thessalonia, however in the artistic world I go by Tweet and I am the proud owner of TPaints LLC. I always shared a passion for the arts, whether it was drawing cartoon doodles or writing a short story to match the illustrations, but I fell in love with painting most of all. My journey started during high school where I would face paint as a hobby. However, a few years after graduating I decided it was time to focus my talents on building my own business, TPaints LLC where I offer more than face/body painting. Within these last few years, I have added so many services to my business and I can’t wait to spread my talents worldwide. I’m so proud of my very first mural piece, Princess Peach couldn’t have expressed my character any better. I hate to get dirty but I love to leave an event covered in paint. My motto is “if you paint what you feel then you will feel what you paint.” 



Tweet's Artwork

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