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ArtFluent Creatives was founded by artist, Michelle Sasha.  After building relationships with other artists, she quickly learned that it was a common theme that her peers, wanted to be busier, and busy while focused on the type of work they love.  Everyone she spoke to said the same thing; that they were so busy fulfilling the needs of so many different clients, that they hardly had projects that allowed them to grow in a specific personal style.   As Michelle's business grew, she realized she could have a team of artists that work together, stay busy, and have the opportunity to lean into their favorite type of projects and pass along jobs that don't fit their style preferences. 


The goal of an artist who wants to build a business for the long term, is to make sure the work never feels like work, and this was Michelle's answer to ensure long term growth and sustainability for herself and her peers.

Create  .  Captivate  .  Cultivate

Creating Opportunities.

ArtFluent. was formed to help bring opportunities and unity to local artists.  Many custom artists know they can accomplish multiple styles of art to meet their clients needs, but typically most artists have a specialty.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a central place for potential clients to seek out a specialist of the specific type of art they are looking for, in one place?!   We all work together to match the needs of the client with the artist in our network who can best execute the desired design.  Focusing on bringing prospective clients into one place eliminates competition, and fosters collaborative relationships and promotes motivation of one another.  

Captivating Our Audience.

We take great pride in the work that we do.  Our network of artists are individuals who are simply obsessed with their craft.  Our artists were hand-picked because of their unwavering desire for their artwork to be nothing short of amazing.  We all believe in not only exceeding our clients expectations, but creating art that fully captivates it’s audience.  We all strive for the moment our clients see the final product and they gasp, stare & say “this is better than I even imagined!”.   

We are devoted to creating amazing art for our clients, but we are dedicated to creating new amazing budding artists as well.  We provide mentorship and guidance for new aspiring artists by providing opportunities as artist apprentices to our Senior Artists, at varying skill levels.  ArtFluent. will be a place that artists can apply to become part of the team and learn how to make their art their career, and eliminate the stigma of becoming a “starving artist”.

Cultivating Talent.


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