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Michelle Sasha

I have been drawing, painting and creating for as long as I can remember.  Since I was a small child, everything I ever did was somehow wrapped in creativity in all different forms.  I created my first mural when I was 9. It was a dolphin jumping out of the water and it was a large as my entire bedroom wall.  I made more lanyard keychains then the average person could even fathom.  When I became a teenager, I would customize all my clothes; cutting holes, bedazzling, anything to not let the garment be “boring”.   I can confidently say, I have NEVER owned a notebook of any type that wasn’t suffocated with doodles and sketches.  In hindsight, it’s so interesting to realize how utterly obsessed I have always been with simply, creating.  

Today, I am driven everyday to chase happiness.  I have finally made the decision to marry my career with my need to live a full and fruitful life.  I gave up my corporate career to do what truly feeds my soul, art. 

I never feel more fulfilled then when I can make someone smile.  Sharing my art and bringing my clients ideas to life, has been a passion that drives me every day.  I am specifically focused in custom art commissions to help people obtain their creative desires through me.


Most people don't have an "artist brain", and an idea or vision can seem impossible or hard to imagine.  I thrive most in times when a client says “I don’t know if this is possible but what if you could _____?”  There is a certain feeling a client gets when they see that rough blurry idea they had, actually come to life!  THAT feeling from my clients is what I am chasing every day. 

Now, as the creator of ArtFluent Creatives, I am helping artists of all levels and stages in their art journeys to become as fulfilled as I have been by embracing the calling to be an artist.  

Michelle's Artwork

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