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Shiyenne Alora

Hi! My name is Shiyenne and I grew up in Tampa FL!  Ever since I was little I was always doing something related to arts and crafts. I would win art competitions at my school, draw pictures of my friends for fun, paint canvases for family for Christmas, and eventually I ended up being able to paint my first mural. It took me weeks to finish my first one, and some days I would stay all day to get closer to finishing.


After I did my first mural, I knew I wanted to pursue art. After doing a couple more by myself, Michelle reached out to me and the rest is history! I would say my favorite things to paint are lettering, logos, animals, cartoony stuff, and sunsets (but honestly I’m just thrilled to be painting anything)!


I would consider myself an adventurous person so I’m always up for a challenge or something that I’ve never done before! Some fun facts about me are I’m in college pursuing a business administration degree, I LOVE empanadas, and I like to ride rollercoasters (especially the ones that do 1000 loops). Thanks for reading my bio! 

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Shiyenne's Artwork

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